We all look to visual media to entertain, teach, and captivate us. At Sky Blue Pictures, we understand this power and its remarkable versatility.

We are a focused group of technicians and artists who thrive on decisions made either at the local coffee shop or the board room.  Bring us the purity of your fresh idea and we'll help add a little cream and sugar.

We have distinctively found a way to engage viewers in a smooth, story-telling style using the latest in media technology.

Interviewing a pilot of a solar-powered airplane that circumnavigated the Earth

Interviewing a pilot of a solar-powered airplane that circumnavigated the Earth

Sky Blue Pictures will artfully combine several media elements into an engaging online visual story, corporate training guide, or television commercial.

  • Video Journalism

  • Documentary Videography

  • Marketing and Advertising Video

  • Club and Large Group Event and Conferences

  • Sporting Events


We've read our manuals, watched all the YouTube videos, and constantly practice our craft. We'll push and pull our cinema quality gear into position. 

Shaping the motion and emotion, well that comes from something deeper, and we think you'll enjoy and appreciate our collaborative approach.

The goal?  To make the small production guys and gals feel like they're getting a big production deal... with friends.

Learning Never Stops

Chance really does favor the prepared mind.

We follow a moving target, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  If images are our first language, then technology is a strong second.  In fact, we sometimes pass the time by teaching photography to those who've armed themselves with a DSLR. 

Art style will ebb and flow, though storytelling is pretty much a constant.  When we're not striving to break new ground, we borrow honed techniques of artful depiction from an industry brimming with unstoppable talent.

Our Production Process


Flashes of creativity don't just happen, they're fueled by experience, dialogue, and inspiration.

Expect seasoned minds and open hearts, and together we'll get your story told the right way


Intelligently incorporating the latest technology, we capture all the components of a great story.

Since we'll all be on set together, don't forget that this is where we put our passions together and get the creative juices flowing.


This is where the artistry happens.  The perfect soundtrack, the highlights, shadows and colors of film, all come together in your final piece.

We want nothing less than a sublimely told story, compelling the perfect response.