Hawaii Video Journalism, Marketing and Advertising Videography, Corporate Events, Commercial and Documentary Photography

We also help deliver honest, narrative-driven, story-rich advertising and marketing campaigns that see people as a key component.

We aim to provide complete on-site video journalism, commercial, and documentary work in Hawaii and the Pacific Region.

Protectors at Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Protectors at Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Hawaii Video Journalism

Simply put, consider Sky Blue Pictures your video journalism team on the ground in Hawaii, the Pacific region, and wherever you may need us. Securing and conducting conversational, naturally inquisitive interviews & capturing appropriate, visually compelling b-roll footage is what we do.

Went above and beyond with the shoots. The footage was excellent and very professional. He went back to do reshoots when he thought he didn’t capture the best material one day and he also arranged an extra shoot that he thought would contribute to the story on his own.
— Karla (Al Jazeera)
Jon was an absolute joy to work with. From a genuine interest in the subject matter that made our interview super easy and conversational to a polished interview shot, incredibly artful eye for b-roll and a real above-and-beyond attitude, Jon is your guy for any project in Hawaii!
— Anna (Seeker - formerly of Discovery Digital Network)
This was a more challenging shoot and Jon kept an open mind and was very flexible. Communication was excellent and it was a pleasure to work with him. Would absolutely hire him again.
— Melanie (NBC News)

Rancher speaks about sustainability and food security at Kauai, Hawaii

Rancher speaks about sustainability and food security at Kauai, Hawaii

We tell stories.

We capture what your eyes and ears perceive and craft something your heart and mind crave.

We help you indulge that craving and relive a moment.

We also create thoughtful discussion, fleeting laughter or tearful agony.


Hawaii Marketing and Advertising

Artful images, whether moving or still, that's what we do.

For those moments where you had to be there, we're the next best thing.

Jon with Sky Blue Pictures was hired to produce a campus tour marketing video. His creative vision and passion for his work made it not only a pleasure but a privilege to work with him on this project. From the planning stages involving the creative brief to the filming and finally the post-production edits Jon put forth the effort to ensure that the final product was uniquely catered towards our needs. I highly recommend him for any and all of your video production needs, he has the high quality equipment and the work ethic that combine to make amazing results.
— Ethan (Chaminade University)

Locally-inspired cuisine at Wailea on Maui, Hawaii

Locally-inspired cuisine at Wailea on Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii Corporate Event Video and Photo

Sky Blue Pictures has live-streamed professional sporting events and chef cook-offs. We’ve covered multi-day business conferences and medical symposiums. Sky Blue Pictures also spent months on one project to document the entire construction process of a brand new shopping mall in Waikiki. Either videography or photography, we’ll capture what you need to advertise next year’s event, to create video training manuals, for archival/reference, or just because.

Our company hired Jon for a four- day project running around from site to site for long hours. His positive attitude, timeliness (even with 4am call times!) and professionalism made him an absolute pleasure to work with. He turned around the work quickly and was very cognizant of the type of shots we were searching for. Looking forward to the opportunity to work with him again.
— Maddie (Fox Sports)
He was very timely and professional, working from early morning until after our late night events. His courteous, respectful, and passionate demeanor made it a pleasure to work with him. He blended in and was part of our global team. We would recommend him time and time again!
— Michele (7-Eleven International)