I recently responded to a question on Quora where a user asked "Which GoPro Hero 4 stabilizer should I buy without going bankrupt?"  We all know how expensive our equipment is and we shudder every time we realize that we need that one more thing to get that perfect shot.  One thing I learned about choosing equipment is to place less significance on any one item, and realize that the best shot is gathered when all parts are treated equally.  Here's my answer to that question that I posted on Quora:

One thing I learned about cameras as I moved into the professional realm is that the support equipment is as significant to a shot as a camera body.  There are tripod heads (just the head, not the legs) that cost much more than a good camera and lens.

Basically, don't let the camera body be the center of attention.  It really loses value much faster than your other gear.  The quality of your final shot is just as dependent on the stabilizer as it is the lens, camera body, lights, batteries, etc.

Here's my basic rule of thumb on camera equipment importance:
  1. Lens
  2. Lighting
  3. Stabilizing Equipment
  4. Audio (watch a YouTube video with bad audio... you won't for very long
  5. Camera Body (there'll be a new one released just about when you really learn yours)