No matter what we do for a living, a lot of what shapes our daily work sprouts from internal influence.  Of course, we may work in teams, and get our direction from the boss, but our hands shape what our minds rouse.

With the unveiling of a new website for Sky Blue Pictures, I thought it best to introduce something that has very recently begun to shape my work and my style.  A group of like-minded peers whose work is expertly captured and unbelievably pieced together in a way that I can only describe as perfect.  Yes, yes... there's no such thing as perfect.  I dare you, though, to watch this and not find your soul moved.  When you do, tell me that's not perfection.

As I move along my path to becoming better at what I do, I can honestly say that the storytellers at Gnarly Bay neither have me jealous nor envious.  They have me ultra-inspired.  I had the immense pleasure of working with two members of the team earlier this year and I almost wanted to return what they paid me in the end.  (Don't tell them I said that.)  Honestly though,  what I gained in knowledge and friendship was truly, truly priceless.

See for yourself...

The Important Places by Gnarly Bay